The Stall Slayer - Booklet Format

Break through your plateau and get fat loss moving again!

This is an e-book in pdf form. If you would like to read it as a hard copy, see the note below regarding which version to purchase and how to print. 

NOTE: There are two different versions of the book. If you plan to read it exclusively on a tablet or device, I recommend downloading the "Single Page" format. This is also the version to download if you plan to print it out to read in hard copy and you prefer a larger font. (Click here to buy the SINGLE page format.) (Choose "portrait" orientation when printing.)


On the other hand, if you would like to conserve paper and don't mind reading in a smaller font, purchase the "Booklet Format" and print it in landscape orientation. You are currently viewing the page to purchase the BOOKLET format.

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USD 14.99

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